Hi all.  Laura’s lovely report illustrated what so many of us are going through at the moment.  All work cancelled.  A very iffy position for all of us I assume.  Also I have just received the dreaded letter from the NHS.  I have to stay ‘in isolation’ for 12 weeks.  Not because I have Covid plague, but because 2 years ago I had to spend a month on a ventilator with pneumonia and therefore I am a very high risk category who will need a ventilator if symptoms develop.  I am great!  Survived getting back on a BA mercy flight from Spain, happily cooking up things that will hopefully languish in the freezer until as and when the situation blows through to clear skies.  And, about time i got into my garden and used what talents I might have there.  Stay well all, Angela

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  1. Trudy Welsh 10 months ago

    My heart goes out to you – I think we are all in the same boat. I really miss the tastings I run and the people I teach miss them too. My daughter lives here with myself and my husband and we are all trying to avoid each other in case of infection – my husband has heart problems so it might be serious if he caught the virus.

    All the best – stay well. Meditation helps me sometimes to stay sane!


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