South Africa Unusual beginnings, passion and unforseen challenges

  1. Sarah Rowlands

    Tasting has Ears!

    By Sarah Rowlands
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    An AWE tutorial illustrating how taste is affected by our senses given by Dr Ophelia Deroy & Prof Barry C Smith at Senate House, London by Sarah Rowlands July 2016 A group of AWE members took part in a series of practical demonstrations to make us aware of how tasting...
  2. Richard Bampfield MW

    International Cool Climate Wine Symposium

    By Richard Bampfield MW
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    International Cool Climate Wine Symposium 2016 What I learnt! – Richard Bampfield MW Viticulture Climate Change – it is the increased variability of temperature as much as the increase that is the real issue. Higher temperatures seem to be accompanied by more variable and often increased rainfall. So we are...
  3. Sarah Rowlands

    Sake Revealed

    By Sarah Rowlands
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    Notes from an AWE Sake lecture given by Marie Cheong-Thong     Usually, as AWE members, we are trying to help enthusiastic wine novices decipher wine labels so they can buy with more confidence. The table were turned this week. Sake, rice wine, bottle labels are covered in Japanese Kanji (script) so...
  4. Sarah Rowlands

    Wined Up Here with Greywacke

    By Sarah Rowlands
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    Kevin Judd visited Wined Up Here, Norbiton’s independent wine shop established in 2007.  Owner Charlotte Dean arranged a tasting of the seven wines in his range.  Here we discuss what makes one of his Sauvignons ‘Wild’ Mr New Zealand has been in town.  Kevin Judd, winemaker at Greywacke and the...
  5. Sarah Rowlands

    Grandes Pagos de España Masterclass

    By Sarah Rowlands
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    Grandes Pagos de España Masterclass This presentation was held at the Westbury Hotel in London with an expert trio comprising the suave Enrique Valero from the Executive Committee of the Grandes Pagos de España, the enthusiastic food and wine writer Victor De La Serna with Sarah Jane Evans MW at...
  6. Paul Quinn

    A night to remember

    By Paul Quinn
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    It’s not often that you get invited to taste Bordeaux first growth wines that you have only dreamed about in the past. So when a small parcel of first growths became available, 12 of us bought £4,000 of wine between us – to taste not to invest.  In anticipation of the...
  7. Wendy Narby

    Pride and Passion in South Africa

    By Wendy Narby
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    After just a few days in South Africa I’m hardly in a position to start drawing definitive conclusions about the wine industry there but several things really marked my recent visit: the pride the people have in their country, their industry and their wines, their desire to establish South African...