AWE Alsace Trip - Domaine André Rieffel and Catherine Riss

  1. Pippa Hayward

    AWE Alsace visit -Domaine Ostertag

    By Pippa Hayward
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    I’d met André Ostertag, very briefly, a few years ago at his agent’s portfolio tasting. Tasting through just a small selection of his wines then, almost at the end of the day, my tastebuds flagging , concentration waning, I was abruptly brought back to the moment by the  focus, precision...
  2. Patricia Stefanowicz MW

    AWE Alsace Trip – Visit to La Maison du Fromage

    By Patricia Stefanowicz MW
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    After our cheese-and-wine tasting, a visit through La Maison du Fromage itself. Conceived as ‘living history’, the Maison includes an informative documentary of the terroir of the cows and sheep, a visit to the farm , a demonstration of traditional cheese-making and the occasional arts/crafts exhibition. The film documentary was...
  3. Patricia Stefanowicz MW

    AWE Alsace Trip – Cheese and Wine Tasting at the Maison du Fromage

    By Patricia Stefanowicz MW
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    July 2015-Thursday 9th July, Lunchtime…We depart the heart of Haut-Rhin for the Vosges mountains and La Vallée de Munster, Gunsbach, the home of Albert Schweitzer. Our destination: La Maison du Fromage Hosted by Mme Dominique SCHOENHEITZ, a cheese-and-wine pairing exercise. Incorporating her domaine’s wines and local cheeses and charcuterie, Mme...
  4. Lindsay Oram

    AWE Alsace Trip – Dopff au Moulin

    By Lindsay Oram
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    It would be impossible to come to Alsace without drinking and enjoying a glass (or several) of Crémant d’ Alsace. While the UK market for this delicious drink remains small, it is the largest selling Crémant in France, accounting for around 50% of domestic sparkling wine sales, (excluding Champagne). There...
  5. Denis Broderick

    AWE Alsace Trip – Cave de Hunawihr

    By Denis Broderick
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    It’s the first visit on the third and last day of the AWE trip to Alsace. So far 100 wines have been tasted (and, yes, some have been consumed) during visits to cellars, tasting rooms, restaurants and hotels throughout Alsace. Now, after a short and pleasant drive north, from our...
  6. Hugo Read

    AWE visit to Alsace – Domaine Becht

    By Hugo Read
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    The AWE regularly arranges tasting tours for its members to various wine regions around the world; a vital thing to do in order to keep up one’s expert wine knowledge. The most recent trip was to Alsace, which I jumped at seeing as it’s one of my favourite wine regions....