AWE Trip to Alsace July 2015: Domaine Zind-Humbrecht visit

  1. Linda Simpson

    Alsace visit – Trimbach

    By Linda Simpson
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    Anne Trimbach is the13th generation of this long established family operation making Wines at Ribeauville. Anne brings a freshness and energy to this well known, well loved Alsace producer. Professional, knowledgeable and super bright but with a really polite, friendly manner, you can see why Anne has been handed one...
  2. Marisa D'Vari

    Romania Trip 2015: Visit to Cramele Halewood

    By Marisa D'Vari
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    “Welcome,” says energetic Lorena Deaconu Stoian, Chief Winemaker at Cramele Halewood, who is pictured to the right. It is a beautiful sunny afternoon as Lorena welcomes us to the gorgeous manner house called “Conac” in Romania, near the Carpathian mountains, where we will experience their sparkling wine facility and spend...
  3. Heather Dougherty

    100 AWEsome wines

    By Heather Dougherty
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    Why 100 AWEsome Wines? Sometimes when you are faced with row upon row of enticing wines from faraway places and with meaningless names, a little bit of guidance can be helpful. Or if you are in a rut buying the same few wines every week and really want to try...
  4. Quentin Sadler

    A Romanian road trip

    By Quentin Sadler
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    Like many of us, a huge part of the pleasure I take in wine is discovering new things. New regions and new grape varieties always excite for me. So when the chance came to go on a trip to Romania as a guest of the Romanian Winegrowers, with fellow wine educators...
  5. Kevin Powell

    Vinarte Romania

    By Kevin Powell
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    If anyone needs convincing that Romania has the potential to grow top quality grapes and make great wines this is the place to go. The Cabernet Sauvignon wines we tasted at Vinarte’s Castel Bolovani winery were up there with the best. Vinarte was founded 17 years ago and began planting...
  6. Linda Simpson

    Prince Stirbey – A wine reclaimed

    By Linda Simpson
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    Prince Stirbey wines really are royal by name: these Romanian wines are produced by Princess Ileana – granddaughter of Princess Maria Stirbey and her husband, Baron Jakob Kripp. They began winemaking in 1999 after reclaiming and reviving the historical family property, the winery of which had been designed in a...
  7. Linda Simpson

    Rescuing a pub from Oblivion

    By Linda Simpson
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    A pub closes down for the 3rd time in 4 years. The heart of a rural village gone forever? Not where the villagers of Marsh Baldon and the surrounding areas were concerned. They decided to do something positive, formed a Business, the Baldons and Nuneham Courtenay Society Ltd (BANCS) and...