To boldly go? The wines of Yealands Estate

  1. Paul Quinn

    Ramos Pinto with Ana Rato

    By Paul Quinn
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    Ana Rato winemaker from Ramos Pinto presented a tasting of Port’s and wines at Storrs Hall near Windermere to Sommeliers and invited quests. We were introduced to Adriano Reserva White Port that Ana showed as an aperitif mixed with tonic, ice and mint, this was very refreshing. We then moved...
  2. Laura Clay

    Olivier Dauga – Le Faiseur de Vin

    By Laura Clay
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    Winemaker, consultant and wearer of natty shirts, Olivier Dauga, is a firm believer and advocate of sustainability and organic farming. Much of his work is based in and around Bordeaux with Univitis although his own property, Foncadaure, is further south in Roussillon and he consults for Vignerons Catalans, too. I...
  3. Lindsay Oram

    Dream Creation

    By Lindsay Oram
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    Creation Wine Dinner High Timber Restaurant London Monday 5th September 2016 Carolyn and Jean–Claude Martin, both coming from winemaking families, clearly have wine in their blood. Carolyn was brought up in the South African Cape while Jean Claude originates from Switzerland. It was unsurprising a forgone conclusion, therefore, that they...
  4. Sarah Rowlands

    Bodega Chakana

    By Sarah Rowlands
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    By Sarah Rowlands, The Wine Diamond Sept 2016 A wine tasting from a pioneering Argentinian winery that has moved from conventional through organic to biodynamic winemaking.  Arranged in conjunction with the Circle of Wine Writers and Planet Thirst, and given by Gabriel Bloise, winemaker and general manager. Chakana is...
  5. Sarah Rowlands

    What the ‘Hecula’?

    By Sarah Rowlands
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    A wine tasting at Wined Up Here, Kingston with Daniel Castano from the pioneering producer, Bodegas Castano, Yecla DO the smallest, northernmost wine zone of Murcia, SE Spain by Sarah Rowlands August 2016 Yecla is the smallest and northernmost wine zone in Murcia, in SE Spain.  Bodegas Castano is a...
  6. Sarah Rowlands

    Wined Up Here with Greywacke

    By Sarah Rowlands
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    Kevin Judd visited Wined Up Here, Norbiton’s independent wine shop established in 2007.  Owner Charlotte Dean arranged a tasting of the seven wines in his range.  Here we discuss what makes one of his Sauvignons ‘Wild’ Mr New Zealand has been in town.  Kevin Judd, winemaker at Greywacke and the...
  7. Heather Dougherty

    Crus Bourgeois 2013 selection tasting

    By Heather Dougherty
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    I approached this tasting, on 24 September in London, with a little foreboding. I had not heard much positive news about the 2013 vintage in Bordeaux and feared being faced with a raft of green-tasting, thin wines. Either that or harshly extracted wines with oak in lieu of fruit. However,...