And the Oscar goes to.....

  1. Lindsay Oram

    And the Oscar goes to…..

    By Lindsay Oram
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    And the Oscar goes to….. Diversity has become one of the buzz words of the last 10 years, as we live in a world that increasingly recognizes and values points of difference. Gone are the days, thankfully, when a region focusing on one or two grape varieties and wine styles...
  2. Heather Dougherty

    Educators go back to school

    By Heather Dougherty
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    Wine educators like nothing better than going back to school, so our session at the Ecole des Vins in Avignon on our first morning made for a fine start to our trip to the southern Rhône. Oenologist Mathilde Ficty led us through a wealth of information about the region that...
  3. Quentin Sadler

    Château Beauchêne

    By Quentin Sadler
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    The last visit on any trip is always tricky, especially if it’s after lunch. So it helps if the last port of call is something special. The one thing that we had lacked so far was a proper French Château and rather wonderfully this very last visit put that right....