I launched my podcast, Kevin Ecock’s WinePod, one year ago. For a few months before that I needed to learn how to be tech friendly, decide on a logo, a title and above all an interesting format.

Wine is visual and sensory – is it also something we like to ‘listen’ to?  Would anyone listen to a wine podcast that wasn’t jokey, semi alcoholic, loud, brash – well, that’s what so many of them were (and still are)! There are exceptions.

How long should each episode be? When do we get bored?

I listened to as many wine podcasts as I could find and settled on a format – 30 minutes chatting with as many leading lights as I could catch from the world of wine.  As an educator and a writer I decided that I would treat every episode the same – I would assume my potential listeners knew nothing and yet wanted to know something!

One year on I have published 39 episodes have covered most of the wine world, gathered a fabulous listenership and achieved a tremendous load of downloads. I am available across all of the usual sites, Spotify, Apple, Stitcher and others with Libsyn as my hosting  site.

It’s all good. Mind you I did forget to get the ‘tape running’ with Kevin Judd – listen in to his Greywacke Podcast where his response to my welcome is ‘…it’s good to be back..‘ !!  Eh, that was my second attempt at recording him  …. awkward …




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