"...some of the most dedicated wine educators in the world’..."

- Jancis Robinson MW

inform, inspire, educate
"... When you run an event for clients as big as ours you simply cannot put a foot wrong, and with the AWE, everything is always exactly right"

- Marcus Di Vincenzo, Managing Director, MIG Security

"Tasting and drinking different wines is one thing, but actually learning about them and understanding their various nuances takes your appreciation to a whole new level."

- Guy Woodward, Former Editor, Decanter

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  1. Royal recognition for AWE member

    We are very pleased to advise that AWE member Denis Broderick, based in Northern Ireland, received a mention in the Queen’s New Year Honours – British Empire Medal for “Services to the Community!”.  He doesn’t...
  2. Success for AWE members

    We are delighted to join  two AWE members in toasting their recent successes. Michelle Cherutti-Kowal has been confirmed as a Master of Wine, one of just 5 new MWs announced this year. The award is...
  3. Colette Faller Dies

    Domaine Weinbach is unquestionably one of the very finest wine addresses in Alsace. They make the usual range of Alsace wines with stellar examples of Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer. Since the death of Theo...
  1. Kevin Ecock

    Boring into cabernets

    By Kevin Ecock
    | Profile | Other Posts
    Last October Time magazine, in a review of the ‘World Atlas of Wine’, quoted Jancis Robinson as saying, ‘Everyone is getting tired of the same old varieties – cabernet and chardonnay’. eh, really? Everyone? All Cabernet? All Chardonnay? I suspect and hope the quote was the result of a judicious realignment of words to suit a magazine column. Had the writer in question been at this January’s Santa Rita Estates ‘South American Wine Workshop’ he would have heard Brian Croser not only extol the virtues of...
  2. Heather Dougherty

    The “magic” of turning wine into Champagne

    By Heather Dougherty
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    “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” This is what the Wizard of Oz cries in desperation as he is unmasked as a mere mortal, issuing instructions to the inhabitants of the Emerald City from behind a curtain, his “magic” and might no more than a loudspeaker. Champagne houses have traditionally kept the curtain raised between them and the drinking public, keen to preserve the mystery surrounding the process of turning the very ordinary still wines the region produces, into the sparkling nectar...