"...some of the most dedicated wine educators in the world’..."

- Jancis Robinson MW

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"... When you run an event for clients as big as ours you simply cannot put a foot wrong, and with the AWE, everything is always exactly right"

- Marcus Di Vincenzo, Managing Director, MIG Security

"Tasting and drinking different wines is one thing, but actually learning about them and understanding their various nuances takes your appreciation to a whole new level."

- Guy Woodward, Former Editor, Decanter

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  1. Australia Day Tastings

    Australia Day Tasting 2018 Members of AWE are invited to register for Wine Australia’s Australia Day Tasting in January 2018. It’s the largest trade tasting of Australian wine outside Australia and it takes place in...
  2. AWESOME ride for The Benevolent

    A huge thank you to all who supported and sponsored me on Sunday.   The day started well when I was handed a glass of Bloomsbury by Mardi at Ridgeview Winery. Apparently sparkling wine is...
  1. Steve Hovington

    German Wine Academy Day 2 – Riesling rocks and new discoveries

    By Steve Hovington
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    Surrounded by immaculately tended vineyards and with the brooding Haardt mountains looking down from the west, the Weincampus Neustadt made a wonderful location for two days of seminars and tastings courtesy of the German Wine Institute. Day one started with a fascinating and thought provoking lecture by Professor. Dr.Ulrich Fischer on the impact of terroir and winemaking on German Riesling styles. We tasted seven wines from different regions and soils, all in the €10-15 bracket, from the excellent 2015 vintage and with no MLF or...
  2. Vivienne Franks

    German Wine Academy Day 3 – Sexy Sekt and Silky Silvaner

    By Vivienne Franks
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    German Wine Academy Day 2 – Sexy Sekt and Silky Silvaner Premium Sekt – The next big thing? Another early start at the German Wine Academy, what better way to refresh the palate than with a fascinating lecture by Romana Echensperger MW and a truly interesting tasting of a dozen ‘Traditional Method’ Sekts? Half of Germany’s Premium Sekt is made from Riesling, 30% from Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier and 20% from other aromatic varietals. Like the ‘Champagne’ grapes, Riesling has a...