"...some of the most dedicated wine educators in the world’..."

- Jancis Robinson MW

inform, inspire, educate
"... When you run an event for clients as big as ours you simply cannot put a foot wrong, and with the AWE, everything is always exactly right"

- Marcus Di Vincenzo, Managing Director, MIG Security

"Tasting and drinking different wines is one thing, but actually learning about them and understanding their various nuances takes your appreciation to a whole new level."

- Guy Woodward, Former Editor, Decanter

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  1. Bordeaux Wine Survey

    With a chance to win Jane Anson’s excellent Inside Bordeaux tome, it’s worth having a go at Robert Joseph’s survey. It doesn’t take long and is quite fun to do. Good luck. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/L62XGX5
  2. Leafroll Virus in Soith Africa

    On Thursday 4th June at 7.00pm UK time, Cathy Van Zyl MW will be asking leafroll expert Professor Gerhard Pieterson and Tokara viticulturist Aidan Morton questions about the virus and curtailing its spread.  Zoom details...
  3. Australian Wine Discovered

    Wine Australia will be launching Australian Wine Discovered, a great new resource for wine educators, in January. “Available free to teach all levels from beginner to advanced, the programme is packed with information, resources and...
  1. Mandy Stevens

    The challenges and joys of Virtual tastings

    By Mandy Stevens
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    We are living in unprecedented times and are having to adapt our businesses accordingly to keep up- show our customers we are still drinking, enjoying and offering advice on wine. I had considered the idea of a virtual or online wine tasting a few years ago but quickly decided it was a terrible idea (for me – sorry to anyone making it work already!) Well, fast forward to last week and I realised I had to think again. It’s one of only a handful of...
  2. Angela Reddin

    Banged up and locked down.

    By Angela Reddin
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    Hi all.  Laura’s lovely report illustrated what so many of us are going through at the moment.  All work cancelled.  A very iffy position for all of us I assume.  Also I have just received the dreaded letter from the NHS.  I have to stay ‘in isolation’ for 12 weeks.  Not because I have Covid plague, but because 2 years ago I had to spend a month on a ventilator with pneumonia and therefore I am a very high risk category who will need a...