Book Award for Hazel & Keith

  1. Andrea Warren

    Book Award for Hazel & Keith

    By Andrea Warren
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    THE BEST WINE BOOK IN THE WORLD FOR PROFESSIONALS IS ‘WINE PRODUCTION AND QUALITY’ BY KEITH GRAINGER AND HAZEL TATTERSALL The 22nd International Gourmand Awards were held at Yantai, in China’s Shandong province on 27th and 28th May. Wine, drinks, food and cook books from some 211 counties were entered...
  2. Patricia Stefanowicz MW

    AWE Alsace Trip – Cheese and Wine Tasting at the Maison du Fromage

    By Patricia Stefanowicz MW
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    July 2015-Thursday 9th July, Lunchtime…We depart the heart of Haut-Rhin for the Vosges mountains and La Vallée de Munster, Gunsbach, the home of Albert Schweitzer. Our destination: La Maison du Fromage Hosted by Mme Dominique SCHOENHEITZ, a cheese-and-wine pairing exercise. Incorporating her domaine’s wines and local cheeses and charcuterie, Mme...
  3. Hugo Read

    Lovely and Long-Lived Bourgueil

    By Hugo Read
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    Recently I’ve rediscovered my love for the fine red wines of the Central Loire, which are made from pure Cabernet Franc. The best two appellations for red wines in the region are Chinon and Bourgueil, which face each other across the mighty river (as do many of the great pairs of Loire appellations; Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé, Vouvray and Montlouis…). At...