German Wine Academy Day 4 - contrasts and surprises

  1. Geoff Bolton

    One size fits all

    By Geoff Bolton
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    I first worked in a wine shop in 1970, helping out at Christmas time. As an impressionable young man, I found it fascinating enough to inspire a life-long interest. One of the things I remember was the different bottle sizes, something that would be inconceivable in today’s standardised world. I...
  2. Dr. Helen Savage

    Chenonceaux: The Cream of Touraine

    By Dr. Helen Savage
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    Given the French love of place it was inevitable that smaller, sub-regions should gradually be distinguished within the sprawling appellation of Touraine. Some of these seem to represent little more than local pride, but Chenonceaux represents something special. It is the best wine of the Cher Valley, made on the...
  3. Geoff Bolton

    Loire trip thoughts

    By Geoff Bolton
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    AWE wine trip thoughts. I have just spent four days in the Loire wine region of France with five fellow wine-educators, three of whom are currently studying for their Master of Wine exams. We visited seven wine makers who gave us tours of the vineyards and wine-making facilities as well...
  4. Nina Cerullo

    Always fancied being a Troglodyte

    By Nina Cerullo
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    AWE visit to Leduc-Frouin. Vins d’Anjou & Coteaux du Layon Halfway between Saumur and Anjou is one of the most historic areas for viticulture on the Loire. In the heart of the Haut Layon we find husband and wife team Antoine and Nathalie Leduc of Domaine Leduc-Frouin. Antoine Leduc whisked...
  5. Geoff Bolton

    The Dog’s Dog

    By Geoff Bolton
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    AWE members’ visit to Domalne de la Noblaie, Chinon. “This is how it should be!” claimed Dr Helen Savage as the group stood in the new winery, built in 2012, at Domaine de la Noblaie. Why? Perhaps because there was an authentic feel created by all the tanks, vats, chutes...