AWE trip to Romania

  1. Kevin Ecock

    Boring into cabernets

    By Kevin Ecock
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    Last October Time magazine, in a review of the ‘World Atlas of Wine’, quoted Jancis Robinson as saying, ‘Everyone is getting tired of the same old varieties – cabernet and chardonnay’. eh, really? Everyone? All Cabernet? All Chardonnay? I suspect and hope the quote was the result of a judicious realignment...
  2. Heather Dougherty

    Hangovers: what fresh hell is this?

    By Heather Dougherty
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    Here we are again in January, the cruellest month, its icy hand beckoning us into the dark nights and grey days of deepest winter. Even if you’ve hardly touched a drop over the festive season, January can feel like one long hangover – from too much food, too much drink,...
  3. Hugo Read

    Lovely and Long-Lived Bourgueil

    By Hugo Read
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    Recently I’ve rediscovered my love for the fine red wines of the Central Loire, which are made from pure Cabernet Franc. The best two appellations for red wines in the region are Chinon and Bourgueil, which face each other across the mighty river (as do many of the great pairs of Loire appellations; Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé, Vouvray and Montlouis…). At...